Professional Services

Supplying your design and engineered success!

Too often a design is biased by the engineer's experience, or focuses on their preference when it should be aligned to meet the client's objectives. We at SBCC believe that this level of service begins with a partnership formed between the client and the consultant with open communication throughout the project. To facilitate open communication, SBCC employs an ISO 9000 compliant QA program. Using this program, we ensure the design, budget, and schedule consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements with an eye towards continued improvement.

Our approach uses several key elements

  • Clear and understandable project objectives developed in coordination with the client;
  • A translation of these objectives to a detailed, executable, and clear scope of work; and
  • Qualified and experienced staff that can deliver within scope.

SBCC in action

  • SBCC handles it all, from sophisticated engineering services with challenging schedule to regulatory issues involving complex solutions.
  • SBCC's professional team has helped federal agencies, public utilities, property developers, owners, managers, operators, and contractors accelerate their sustainable business strategies and solve their most challenging issues.
  • Our clients include a wide variety of private, public, and federal sectors, such as: construction, architectural, engineering, education, environmental, all levels of government, and defense contractors.