Compliance Services – ECS

  • Permitting - NPDES, SWPPP, SPCC, Community Water, Community Wastewater, 404
  • Assessment - Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA, Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Upkeep - Sampling, Quality Control, Reporting, Preparing Management Plans


  • Phase I & II
  • NEPA - Initial and Environmental Assessments (Expertise in water resources)

Remediation Services - ERS 

  • Fate & Transport Modeling - Petroleum & Chlorinated Solvents, PFAS/PFOA
  • Treatment System Engineering & Design
  • RCRA/CERCLA Site Investigation - Sampling, Inspection, Reporting

Water Resources (Water, Wastewater, Storm Water)

  • Condition Assessment, Planning, Engineering, Treatment
  • Permitting & Compliance
  • Prepare O&M Plans, Sampling Plans, Emergency Response Plans
  • Vulnerability Assessments

SBCC offers value by providing the following

  • Leveraging the latest technologies - 3D Modeling & Visualization (BIM)
  • Flat organizational structure with experienced project managers
  • ISO 9000 compliant quality management program
  • More than 75% of staff are DOD veterans
  • Combining are A/E and environmental expertise improves both are A/E and environmental services
  • Prior USAF Chief of Environmental Compliance & Bioenvironmental Engineer
  • Mission focused while maintaining environmental goals
  • Experienced working with US EPA, State and local Regulators

Past Performance



SBCC was contracted by the US Navy to prepare a Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) document for Installation Restoration (IR) Site 14. IR Site 14 is a former dry cleaning facility that operated between 1945 and 1997. It is located at the former Long Beach Naval Station (LBNS) in Long Beach, California. The purpose of the FOST is to summarize how the requirements and notifications for hazardous substances and other regulated materials at IR Site 14 have been satisfied, and to provide documentation that the property included in the FOST Parcel is environmentally suitable to transfer. This FOST determination at the IR Site 14 Parcel included land use controls to prevent or limit unauthorized exposures to contaminants of concern in soil and groundwater. These restrictions ensure that post-transfer use of this property is consistent with protection of human health and the environment. 

Fee: $115K

CCRPM CERCLA Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and NEPA Environmental Assessment, NV


SBCC provided planning services that included a NEPA assessment for an 18-acre site. The purpose was to assess the environmental impacts of improving a splash pad and the water system as well as adding a pedestrian walking trail. SBCC performed site reconnaissance, interviews, research, analysis and preparation of a report. The report consisted of sections for traffic, biological resources, air quality, noise studies, hazardous materials, and community impact. Cultural and biological resource surveys were also incorporated into the report. The summary of findings and conclusions outlined the proposed actions, action alternatives and recommended mitigation measures. Two (2) Phase I ESA’s in compliance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and ASTM Standard E1527-13 criteria were also included in this work.

Fee: $38K

Callville Bay – Construction Management Services, NV


The National Park Service wanted to complete an expansion of the existing wastewater treatment plant facility at Callville Bay located approximately 30 miles east of Las Vegas in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The expansion included the construction of two additional lagoon treatment ponds, and the retrofitting of three existing ponds. SBCC provided construction administration and environmental services to the general contractor during construction including waste materials segregation and tracking for waste management plan (WMP) compliance, SWPPP inspections, biological (desert tortoise) monitoring, spill response and reporting, sludge and sewer fluid transfer and processing, and topsoil salvage. 

Fee: $114K

Construction Cost: $2.23M

Legionella Sampling for Environmental Validation of Water System Engineering Controls


Conducted the legionella sampling per the Veterans Health Administration Directive 1061 for the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System at the West Los Angeles Medical Center and the Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center. Samples are collected for potable and non-potable water systems at approximately 20 buildings including active medical floor space, clinics, and patient residents. SBCC staff collected at least 20 samples (10 hot and 10 cold) water samples from each building with a total amount of up to 1,720 samples collected over the life of the contract. 

Fee: $163K

Red Rock Visitors Center Water Supply Well, NV


SBCC was contracted by the Bureau of Land Management, Southern NV office, to furnish labor, equipment, supervision, supplies, materials and transportation to replace the existing water supply well that services the Visitors Center and Contact Station. SBCC provided design and permitting services. Prior to construction a Desert Tortoise Clearance Survey was prepared and on-site staff was trained in Desert Tortoise protection procedures. Desert Tortoise activity was monitored throughout the project. 

Fee: $226K 

Searchlight Water Resource Center Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, NV


The Clark County Water Reclamation District wanted to evaluate and design a new wastewater treatment facility. The objective was to supplement or replace the existing treatment ponds to address nitrate and capacity issues. SBCC performed site civil design and drainage design for on-site improvements, assisted with preparation of the planning study, assisted with site due diligence activities, including evaluation of utility needs, prepared a detailed engineering design package, including 3D modeling, and preparation of construction plans and project specifications for the new pond.

Fee: $156K