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White Pine County Map SBCC contracted with White Pine County, Nevada, to conduct a Renewable Power Transmission Feasibility Study to identify existing and planned power transmission infrastructure locations and capacity within White Pine County as part of Department of Energy Award Number DEEE0003139. SBCC prepared an analysis report to provide guidance regarding planning and support for the development of renewable energy sources within White Pine County. This project included:

  1. Project management activities;
  2. Existing and planned transmission infrastructure location mapping;
  3. Infrastructure capacity and intertie requirements;
  4. Identification of power companies and markets;
  5. Economic impact of proposed infrastructure upgrade projects in White Pine County, including temporary and permanent positions and multipliers.

White Pine County is anticipating growth in renewable energy generation. The project was necessary to evaluate infrastructure needs to support the anticipated growth in renewables. Project challenges included: Limited published information regarding existing infrastructure and the economics of 10-50 MW production transmission across a wide range of potential renewable energy generation types including solar, biomass, geothermal, wind and hydro.