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SBCC was contracted by the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe to design civil improvements for the downtown Las Vegas Paiute Tribe site, which consists of an administrative building, a retail smoke shop, a health clinic, and approximately 30 residential buildings. The scope includes analysis of the existing water and sanitary sewer systems, and preparation of design improvement drawings and specifications for construction.

Domestic Water MeterThe existing water system at the site consists of a 3-inch water main, which does not allow adequate fire flow, and the number of fire hydrants located within the development is insufficient to provide adequate coverage in accordance with current regulations. The site is currently served by a single 6-inch by 3-inch combined domestic and fire flow meter that is not equipped with backflow protection.

SBCC is tasked with designing a new backflow prevention system for the existing meters, and lateral tie-in to existing buildings. The scope also includes researching and preparing new waterline easements as may be required to accomplish this work. The system design is to provide 1,500 gpm fire flow to existing on-site fire hydrants. The improvements are anticipated to mitigate the overdraw on the existing water system.

Existing water valveThe existing sanitary sewer system consists of sewer mains and laterals that are not located in the streets. Existing sewer easements, held by the City of Las Vegas, pass through the site but these easements do not follow the street layout. The sewer system laterals lack the cleanouts needed to provide maintenance, and there are reported to have been operational and maintenance problems with the sanitary sewer system due mains and laterals that are undersized and old. SBCC's sanitary sewer improvements include relocated sewer laterals and providing accessible locations for clean outs. SBCC will also assess the sanitary sewer system by commissioning cleaning and CCTV inspections of the sewer lines to determine current conditions, as the sewer system was installed almost 50 years ago and may be at or past its useful life. SBCC's scope includes design upgrades and/or replacements of the system to provide adequate service.