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SBCC was contracted through Herndon Solutions Group (HSG) to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of five critical Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) facilities. The objective of the project was to compare the utility's current system against industry standards and best practices. A gap analysis was prepared based on the results while understanding that the utility's goal is to standardize their physical security systems for ease of operation and support while ensuring the most robust and sustainable technology is deployed. The analysis included documenting findings, evaluation metrics (to include applicable standards), and recommendations for improvement.

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The security assessment was conducted using a systematic approach incorporating both physical security and programmatic components. A team of SBCC and HSG personnel began by reviewing documentation of the existing security system and discussed current efforts with the Manager of Security and Emergency Preparedness. An onsite kickoff meeting to discuss the project scope, management's organizational objectives, and current security concerns was held. The team then visited each site both during day and night hours to assess physical vulnerabilities. Programmatic issues were evaluated through interviews with utility staff and reviewing applicable documents.

A comprehensive final report was prepared detailing specific physical vulnerabilities at each of the five sites and compared with an industry standard baseline. Programmatic issues were also addressed in detail. Finally, the report outlined recommendations to correct physical and programmatic vulnerabilities with a methodology for prioritizing and budgeting implementation of the recommendations. The project was completed on-schedule and on-budget.

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