Creech AFB Bldg 52 Banner

Parking Lot Under contract to the general contractor, SBCC prepared the site demolition, civil improvement drawings, structural design, and survey services to support the design of the addition of a 3,500 square foot steel frame building and new parking area at Creech Air Force Base (AFB), Nevada. SBCC provided a grading plan, pavement design for new parking areas, associated specifications, site survey, Level D subsurface utility engineering, and structural engineering for design of the building foundation, including review of the pre-manufactured steel building design. SBCC identified the presence of an existing sewer line that ran below the planned location of the new building and conveyed the risk and proposed action to the contractor to mitigate potential issues during construction. Additionally, site security was a significant issue and SBCC had to evaluate offset distances and fencing to meet anti-terrorism requirements.

SBCC's design scope included the following items: Basket Ball Court